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Conscious Food Split Black Gram (Urad Dal) 500g

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Our organic Split Black Gram is wholesome, nutrient-dense and easy to digest. This lentil is a staple part of North Indian cooking and is used to make dals, soups and khichdis.

Stay full for longer
Local & sustainably sourced
Easy to digest
High in protein
Diabetic Friendly
High in fibre



  • Comprises probiotic fibre that promotes growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestines
  • Has a low glycemic index and is cholesterol free
  • Abundant in protein, iron, folate and calcium and vitamin B



  • Urad dal can be used to make Indian dals and gravies
  • It is also useful to add in dosa and idli batters


Quantity : 500 g

Ingredients & Shelf Life
Ingredients: Split Black Gram (urad dal)
Shelf Life: 9 months



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