Yoga accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing one’s yoga practice, ensuring comfort, stability, and convenience. Among these, the yoga mat stands as the foundation, offering a non-slip surface that cushions and supports various poses. Complementing the mat, the yoga wheel assists in deepening stretches and improving flexibility, while yoga blocks provide stability, aiding practitioners in achieving correct alignment during poses. These accessories are often carried in a specialized yoga mat bag, designed with compartments to accommodate mats, blocks, and other gear. A yoga mat bag not only simplifies transportation but also maintains the cleanliness of the equipment. Together, these yoga accessories create a harmonious synergy, enabling practitioners to delve deeper into their practice with confidence, whether they’re working on challenging asanas or seeking tranquility through meditation.

Types of Yoga accessories offer by Orgo all Natural

Yoga accessories
are like helpful buddies for your yoga journey. The yoga mat is your comfy space where you do all the poses, while the yoga wheel helps you stretch better and the yoga blocks keep you steady in tricky poses. And you can carry all these friends in a cool yoga mat bag that’s like a comfy home for them. So, with these accessories, yoga becomes even more awesome, whether you’re trying cool poses or just relaxing your mind.

Yoga mat

A reliable yoga mat is the foundation of your practice. It provides cushioning, grip, and support, ensuring comfort during various poses and movements. Opt for a yoga mat that suits your practice style, whether it’s a thicker one for joint comfort or a travel-friendly option. Checkout the Yoga mats online at because the quality of your yoga mat will determine the quality of your practice.

Dvaar Cotton Yoga mat
Price- 1155/-

Kosha Yoga-Pure Align BIG Mat- 4.5mm
Price- 6499/-

Yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are versatile tools that aid in alignment and deepen stretches. They’re particularly useful for beginners or individuals with limited flexibility, helping them achieve proper form and gradually progress into more challenging poses.

Kosha Yoga- Yoga Brick : Single

Price- 1199/-

Yoga Block/Brick – Cork Pack of 1

Price- 792/-

Yoga wheel

The yoga wheel is a relatively new addition to the yoga prop family. It assists in backbends, hip openers, and stretches, allowing you to explore a wider range of motion while maintaining stability.

Kosha Yoga wheel

Price- 3499/-

Yoga mat bag

Yoga mat bags are also another accessory that can make your life easier by creating a carry bag for your yoga mat. A yoga mat bag is a crucial accessory for yogis, as it helps keep all their essentials organized and easily transportable. It’s designed to accommodate yoga mats, towels, water bottles, and personal items, making it convenient to carry everything to and from yoga classes.

Almitra Sustainable Agni – Handmade Ethnic Yoga Bag

Price- 1050

Yoga Blankets

Blankets offer extra cushioning and warmth during practice. They can be used to prop up the body, create comfortable surfaces for sitting or lying down, and even provide support for meditation.

Yoga Strap

A yoga strap can be your stretching companion. It assists in reaching poses that might be challenging due to limited flexibility. It’s particularly helpful for hamstrings, shoulders, and hips stretches, allowing you to gradually improve your flexibility over time.

Meditation Cushion

If meditation is an essential part of your practice, a meditation cushion can make all the difference. It supports proper spinal alignment and comfort during meditation sessions.

Kosha Yoga- Meditation Cushion

Price- 1999/-

Yoga Towel

Especially useful duringΒ  yoga or intense sessions, a yoga towel absorbs sweat and prevents slipping on the mat. It keeps you comfortable and focused throughout your practice.

Kosha Yoga- Transform Yoga Towel
Price- 2999/-

Best Yoga Accessories Brand in India

At Orgo All Natural we offer you a wide variety of yoga accessories of different brands. Our prominent and reliable brands are:


Dvaar is a prominent Indian yoga brand known for its focus on traditional and authentic yoga practices. The brand often emphasizes the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga, offering a range of products like yoga mats, props, clothing, and accessories that cater to practitioners seeking a deeper connection with the practice.

Kosha Yoga

Kosha Yoga is another well-known yoga brand in India that combines style and functionality. It offers a range of yoga accessories designed for comfort and flexibility during yoga sessions. Kosha’s products often feature innovative designs and high-quality materials, making them popular among both casual yogis and serious practitioners.


Onearth is a sustainable yoga brand that places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness. They offer eco-friendly yoga mats, accessories, and apparel made from natural and biodegradable materials. Onearth’s mission is to promote wellness not only for individuals but also for the planet, making it a choice for environmentally conscious yogis.

These brands contribute to the diverse landscape of yoga products in India, catering to different preferences and needs of practitioners while highlighting aspects such as tradition, style, and sustainability.

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