Copper Bottle

Benefits of using Copper Water Bottle in  your Daily Life

Here are five benefits of using a copper water bottle:

  1. Has Antibacterial Properties

Copper possesses natural antimicrobial properties, effectively killing harmful bacteria and purifying water stored in the bottle. This feature helps to maintain the water’s freshness and purity.

  1. Enhances Our Immune System

Drinking water stored in a copper bottle can contribute to boosting your immune system. Copper is known to stimulate the production of white blood cells, aiding the body in fighting off illnesses.

  1. Get A Good Digestion

Copper has been associated with improving digestive activities. The trace amounts of copper leached into the water can help regulate the function of the digestive system, reducing acidity and aiding in the process of breaking down food.

  1. Promotes Healthy Skin

Copper is involved in the production of melanin, collagen, and elastin, essential components for healthy skin. Drinking water from a copper bottle can contribute to a clearer complexion and less signs of aging.

  1. Controls The Body Temperature

Copper is known for its thermal conductivity. Storing water in a copper bottle can help keep the water cooler for longer, making it an ideal accessory for staying hydrated, especially in hot climates.

Types of Copper Bottle available

At the market, you can find various types of copper bottles, each with its unique features and designs:

  1. Plain Copper Bottles

These are simple, traditional bottles crafted entirely from copper, often with a polished exterior. They focus on the natural properties of copper without additional embellishments.

  1. Copper Bottles with Lids

Some copper bottles come with screw-on or flip lids, to ensure secure closure to prevent spills. These lids might be made of copper, brass, or other materials for added convenience.

  1. Copper Bottles with Insulation

Certain copper bottles feature additional insulation to maintain the temperature of the stored liquid. These could include double-walled designs or added materials for improved temperature retention.

  1. Embellished or Engraved Copper Bottles

These bottles may showcase intricate designs, engravings, or patterns on the copper surface, adding an aesthetic appeal and making them stand out as decorative pieces.

Copper Bottle Brands Available

Orgo All-Natural is a reliable source for buying copper and bamboo bottles from numerous brands, check out our brands to buy your perfect water bottle

Copper Water Bottle Brand

  1. Indian Bartan

Indian Bartan, available at Orgo All-Natural, presents useful Copper Products, encompassing an assortment of copper utensils such as jugs, water jars, and glasses. Renowned for their traditional craftsmanship, the brand offers a collection that combines the health benefits of copper with exquisite design. Each piece, from their jugs to glasses, is crafted with precision and attention to detail, adding both functionality and an elegant touch to the kitchen. The pricing for Indian Bartan’s copper jugs and glasses reflects the quality and authenticity.

  1. Ecotyl

Ecotyl, a trustworthy brand at Orgo All-Natural, offers a variety of Copper Products, featuring an exquisite line of copper utensils including jugs, water jars, and glasses. Focused on combining traditional craftsmanship with modern needs, their copperware boasts both health benefits and aesthetic charm. Each meticulously designed piece, from jugs to glasses, embodies a balance of functionality and style, enhancing the kitchen experience.

How to Select the Right Copper Water Bottle online

If you are opting to buy a bamboo or copper water bottle online, prioritize material and quality then check for sustainably sourced bamboo and food-grade, pure copper. Consider the bottle’s size, design, and added features like insulation or an infuser to match your preferences and intended use. Look through customer reviews to assess durability and functionality, and opt for reputable brands with good customer service. Compare prices and ensure the bottle comes with a warranty, enabling you to make an informed and reliable choice aligned with your hydration needs and lifestyle.

Copper Bottle Price List

Copper Bottle Product Price
Indian Bartan Copper Curved Bottle ₹1044 (₹870- 17% OFF)
Ecotyl Copper Bottle – 950 ml ₹1499 (₹1199- 20% OFF)

Why choose orgo to buy copper Bottle 

Orgo All-Natural to purchase a copper bottle stands as an excellent choice due to its commitment to quality, sustainability, and holistic wellness. Orgo All-Natural prides itself on offering copper bottles made from pure, food-grade copper, ensuring safety and health benefits with sustainability. Orgo All-Natural collaborates with those brands who source their materials responsibly, contributing to eco-conscious practices. Furthermore, Orgo’s dedication to holistic well-being aligns with the traditional health advantages associated with using copper vessels for water consumption. By choosing Orgo All-Natural, you will not only secure a quality copper bottle and bamboo bottle but also support sustainable practices while embracing the wellness benefits linked with copper usage.

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With the benefits of copper and the eco-friendly appeal of bamboo, the bamboo, copper water bottle offers a harmonious blend of sustainability and health benefits. The use of copper in these bottles is not just about style, it is grounded in centuries-old Ayurvedic principles. Copper's natural antimicrobial properties help to purify water by eliminating the harmful bacteria, ensuring a refreshing and safe drink. Plus, copper is believed to offer various health advantages, including immune system support and promoting overall wellness, which we will discuss later. The integration of bamboo, or wooden elements, in the water bottle, makes an eco-conscious aspect. Bamboo is known for its sustainability and rapid growth, complements the copper to provide an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials. This unique fusion results in a stylish, durable, and eco-conscious water bottle that not only reduces the use of single-use plastic but also embraces the principles of holistic wellness through the healing properties associated with copper.  A bamboo-copper water bottle becomes a statement of mindful living, promoting sustainability and health while offering a sophisticated, stylish accessory for daily hydration needs. You can use it as a water-carrying vessel or a thoughtful gift, this fusion of bamboo and copper embodies a harmonious union of tradition, health, and eco-awareness.

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