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As you browse for premium brass items that are offered online at the best prices, you’ll come to appreciate the classic charm of brass utensils. You can enhance your daily experience by incorporating brass into your kitchenware. Our range features beautifully designed cookware and other utensils that highlight the artistic and practical qualities of brass. Each component is a sustainable option since it provides longevity in addition to adding a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Accept the cultural value of Brass Utensils, which will improve your eating atmosphere and culinary routines.

Brass Utensils Price List available at Orgo All-Natural

Orgo All-Natural offers brass utensils that are elegant and long-lasting. Our range ensures elegance and sustainability by combining organic materials with design. See a sample of our high-quality brass utensils and their corresponding costs by perusing the carefully chosen list below:

Indian Bartan Brass Kadai With Lid 1.5L ₹4290
Indian Bartan Brass parat kadahi 1.5 lt ₹2627
Indian Bartan Brass Glass medium ₹1122
Indian Bartan Brass parat kadahi 4 lt ₹5254
Indian Bartan Brass Masala Daani / Spice Box ₹5214
Indian Bartan Brass Tea Pan with kalai 2 lt ₹2495
Brass / Copper Straws With Cleaner – ST+Bend ₹299
Indian Bartan Brass Plate set ₹3024
Indian Bartan Brass Karchi ₹1188
Indian Bartan Brass TeaPot (1 liter) ₹3683

Types of Brass Utensils

Indians have been using brass utensils for ages. Not only do these utensils serve functional uses, but they also have cultural value due to their longevity and aesthetic appeal. Here, we examine a few types of brass utensils, each with a special function and style.

  1. Kadai

The brass kadai is an essential tool in Indian kitchens. It ensures uniform heat distribution, which makes it perfect for simmering, sauteing, and deep-frying. The shape of the kadai not only makes cooking more efficient but also gives the kitchen a refined appearance.

  1. Thali

An Indian meal is traditionally served in a thali. It is a circular dish with several compartments. Thali makes it possible to present a variety of dishes in a delicious way on one plate.

  1. Diya

In many civilizations, the brass diya, or oil lamp, has spiritual importance. It is designed in a way that has several wick holders and a central oil tank, and offers a source of holy light for religious rituals. In addition to its religious significance, the brass diya enhances the atmosphere in houses because of its attractive design.

  1. Brass Handi

Hailed for both its practical uses and visual appeal, the brass handi is an essential item in Indian kitchens. It is especially good for slow cooking, simmering, and making thick, flavorful stews and curries because of its unusual form. Brass gives food a unique flavor and elevates the cooking process.

Health Benefits of Brass Utensils

There are several civilizations where using brass utensils has long been a custom. These utensils have several health advantages. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has special qualities for our health. The following 5 health advantages are linked to using brass utensils:

  1. Antibacterial Qualities

Antibacterial qualities of brass prevent the formation of dangerous microorganisms on the surfaces of utensils. This can lower the risk of foodborne infections.

  1. Increases Food’s Nutritional Content

Using brass utensils during cooking can improve the food’s nutritional content. While cooking, it releases copper into the food, which could help with vitamin absorption and improve general well being.

  1. Ayurvedic Importance

Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas can all be balanced by using brass utensils, according to the Ayurveda. It promotes optimum health and guards against a number of illnesses.

  1. Copper Absorption

Copper is essential for many biological processes, such as the production of red blood cells and the upkeep of a robust immune system.

  1. Controls Body Temperature

Because of its superior thermal conductivity, brass utensils distribute heat evenly throughout the cooking process. This enhances the nutritional quality of the cooked meals.



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For ages, people have been using brass utensils for its classic style and multipurpose use. These utensils, which are made of a copper and zinc alloy, have an amazing golden color and are remarkably durable. Brass cookware has excellent heat conductivity, which guarantees consistent cooking and flavor distribution. Their antibacterial qualities also help to create a hygienic eating environment. Rich in cultural significance, brass utensils are frequently inherited as treasured relics and carry with them a feeling of heritage.

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