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The story of Satmya is different. It is a tribute to the cherished memories of childhood, reminiscent of the days spent under the sprawling jamun tree, indulging in the sweet and tangy delights that it offers. It is a brand born out of a deep-seated desire to embrace a wholesome and holistic lifestyle, strongly influenced by the owner's family's wisdom. The journey at Satmya is marked by a commitment to harness the healing potential of time-honored Indian spices and herbs. They have meticulously curated a range of herbal products that draw inspiration from the age-old recipes of our grandma passed down through generations. The brand has a commitment to bring the essence of the farm-fresh ingredients, straight from the fields to our hands. Satmya takes pride in delivering dietary supplements and delightful fruit preserves that not only nourish our body but also transport us back to the simple joys of childhood. Welcome to Satmya, where tradition meets modern wellness.

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