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Explore Orgo All-Natural’s candles, crafted from premium ingredients. Enjoy the calming light and enticing aromas that our candles offer. Below is a list of our exquisite candle collection, each made to heighten your sensory experience:

Handcrafted Knotted Macrame Candle Coaster : BLUE LOTUS ₹500
Athena Neo-Spheres Cube Sculpted Aroma Candle – Set of 4 ₹2000
OnEarth Himalayan Salt Candle Holder ₹698
Handcrafted Knotted Macrame Candle Coaster : 3 PETAL BEIGE ₹400
The Herb Boutique Salt & Sea Candle Gift Pack (Set of 4) ₹2150
Fairkraft Creations Triune Candle Holder | Wooden candle stand | Handmade wooden candle holders ₹1170

Types of Candles

There are different kinds of candles, and each has a special function. Candles appeal to both utilitarian and aesthetic tastes, from the traditional pillar candles that present elegance to the scented candles that fill places with delicious scents and the decorative taper candles that adorn dinner tables. A versatile and appealing way to illuminate our surroundings, candles can be used for special occasions, relaxation, or decoration.

  • Scented Candles

The alluring scents of scented candles transform environments, and create a peaceful atmosphere. These candles are made with different scents, such as citrus, lavender, or vanilla, and they improve wellbeing. They are a common option for establishing a warm ambiance in homes all around the world because of their flickering flame and calming fragrances.

  • Pillar Candles

The cylindrical shape of pillar candles makes them attractive and multipurpose. These candles, which come in a variety of sizes and hues, are well-liked for ambient lighting and lend a refined touch to any environment.

Health Benefits of Candles

Candles create a calming atmosphere that eases tension and encourages relaxation. Certain scented candles, such those with lavender or chamomile scents, may have mood-enhancing and anxiety-relieving properties. Here is a list of the health benefits of candles:

  • Gives a calm effect to reduce stress

Scented candles, in particular, can create a relaxing ambiance that eases tension and encourages relaxation.

  • Improves sleep quality

Candlelight creates a peaceful atmosphere before bed that may enhance the quality of your sleep.

  • Enhances mood

Warm candlelight and pleasant aromas can make you feel better, which is a simple yet powerful mood-boosting component.

  • Makes the ambience better

Candles give off a gentle, comforting vibe that makes any room feel cozier and more welcoming.

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Candles, with their calming light and dancing flames, have become emblems of ritual and ambience. These wax figures have performed a variety of tasks throughout history, including acting as ceremonial emblems, light sources, and watches. Candles have always been attractive, whether they are used to create a romantic mood, decorate for a festival, or offer comfort while one is thinking. Candles arouse feelings of comfort and tranquility in addition to producing a warm and welcoming ambiance. Candles continue to hold a special position in today's fast-paced society as both practical objects and comforting symbols.

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