Bio Basics


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The brand Bio Basics was founded in 2015 by Ramesh and Devi, aiming for whole foods, consumer health, and sustainable farming. Their journey started after Ramesh's corporate career and Devi's involvement in the organic food movement. Their aim was to create a sustainable market for existing organic farmers, eventually leading to the establishment of Bio Basics. The inspiration to name the brand comes from the European word for organic food, 'biologique' reflecting their motto 'be organic, buy organic'. This emphasizes simplicity and essentiality that they offer over 300 organic products including brown rice, red rice, a lifestyle centered on organic living and accessibility to all. Bio Basics prides itself on personally verifying farms and farmers, ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain. They focus on fair compensation, timely payments, and respect for all produce, fostering a healthy relationship with farmers. They want to preserve biodiversity, advocate low food miles, and promote eco-friendly packaging. Their products like brown rice and red rice promote the benefits of red rice and the benefits of brown rice. With a firm stance against refined, processed, and imported foods, Bio Basics encourages organic consumption of red rice and brown rice, believing it's the single most significant choice for individuals and their health to enjoy the benefits of red rice and the benefits of brown rice.

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