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  Barosi has a beautiful story to unfold. First of all, many of us do not know the real meaning of the word Barosi. Barosi is a small pit dug on the ground lined with wooden pieces and cow dung cakes for heating the clay pot on a very low flame. After sitting for a couple of hours in the simmering flame of Barosi, the food gets an amazingly earthy aroma. This brand mainly focuses on dairy products, including desi ghee, cow ghee, A2 ghee, and Gir cow ghee. Each jar of golden goodness is evident to purity, heritage and quality.   The journey of Barosi reminds us of the very old story of our childhood days- when our journey begins with memories of Maa's warm welcome, handing us a glass of milk straight from a clay pot. This clay pot, nestled in a Barosi, an age-old technique of heating and preparing foods using wood and cow dung cakes, imbued our milk with that unforgettable earthy aroma.   These memories become the inspiration behind the brand, aptly named Barosi. While they understand our bustling life filled with ambition and challenges, they invite us to pause and savor a different world. A tranquil, idyllic setting where time slows down, and stories flow freely. It's a world where the fragrance of earthy milk wafts through the air, just like the good old days. 

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