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DVAAR's inception can be traced back to the onset of the pandemic, when the world was under lockdown. This transformative period led them to two profound realizations. Firstly, they observed that many individuals in villages and towns were grappling with the loss of their livelihoods due to the pandemic's economic impact. Simultaneously, they couldn't ignore the second revelation: the lockdown had a positive effect on the environment. During this period of restricted movement, there was a noticeable reduction in pollution level. The local flora and fauna thrived, and the environment became significantly cleaner. However, the looming question was what would transpire once normalcy returned, and people resumed their daily lives, potentially contributing to environmental degradation once again. Motivated by both these issues, they started the journey of creating DVAAR. The name DVAAR, which translates to 'door' in Sanskrit, reflects their motto. DVAAR aims to address these dual challenges by generating employment opportunities for villagers and small manufacturers while producing sustainable and contemporary products that can benefit both the users and the planet. The initial focus on holistic and active living led them to the world of yoga mats and meditation accessories, essential components of fitness and well-being.  Most workout mats, including their own personal yoga mats, were constructed from PVC, a material known to be carcinogenic. This revelation underscored the urgent need for a shift towards sustainable alternatives that are safe for both individuals and the environment.

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