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Dvaar Sthairya The Cork Yoga Bricks ( Set Of 2)

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Sthairya means stability, calmness, patience, and perseverance in Sanskrit. The Sthairya Cork Yoga Brick allows you to experiment and go deeper in your practice.


You can use the Yoga block to improve alignment and strength, work out specific muscle groups, and to deepen your asanas .It is biodegradable and made from natural cork.


It is environment friendly, and cork being anti- bacterial and hypoallergenic, is a great option for people who are quality, and environmentally conscious. The DVaaR cork brick is covered with cork fabric to make it appealing.


Size: Length-23.5 cms *Breadth-13cm *Height-8 cm

Weight: 700 gms of one brick 

Material: Cork block covered with cork Fabric

Ideal: For all practice levels


Care: Store in a cool and dry place.

Sustainability quotient: Biodegradable

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