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Dvaar Tapasya Mat – The Darbha Grass Mat Handwoven



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The tapas is the practice of introspection and concentration.

Darbha, A tropical grass is considered to be a sacred material in certain cultures of the East. Darbha was traditionally used for making seats for prayer and meditation. It is believed that a seat made from this grass aids in meditation and protects the person who sits on it from negative energies.

It is said that Buddha attained enlightenment sitting on a mat made of Darbha grass under the bodhi tree. Darbha is often used in traditional medicines to treat various ailments and is also known for its antiviral properties.

This powerful grass is woven into a mat to aid your meditation practice. This mat has a rubberized back for extra grip, making it ideal for meditation, and a light yoga practice. This mat is natural and 100%biodegradable.

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Size: Length: 71 inches and Breadth: 26 inches

Weight: 850 gm

Material: Darbha grass and cotton. No PVC or harmful chemicals.

How to clean: Hand wash them with mild soap and dry in the sun.

Ideal: For a easy practice. Great for spiritual practices, meditation, creative visualization because darba grass has is a medicinal grass and has an energy of its own. It is believed that it repels negative energies. It can be used as a prayer mat too. It can double up as a beach or picnic mat too.

Care instructions: Keep it in a dry and aerated place.

Sustainability Quotient: Biodegrade able. Handwoven by local artisans and made with the sacred darbha grass and cotton fibers making it an Eco-friendly and sustainable product.

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