Almitra sustainables Clean With Pride Outdoor Sweeping Broom


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Outdoor cleaning like cleaning garden, backyard and sidewalks can be strenuous on the body when using short brooms which puts severe strain on the back because of bending.


To lift oneself from this irrational and conditioned sweeping practice, we have modeled the Clean With Pride Outdoor Sweeping Broom. Ergonomically designed, this Broom allows you to stand erect and sweep proudly.


With a sleek and easy to hold upright handle, this broom puts less strain on your knuckles and hands. This one comes with a different set of bristles for outdoor cleaning which is Palmyrah fibre derived from Palmyra tree. Being naturally hard and stiff, the bristles on this broom can sweep twigs, stones, pebbles and other large debris with ease.


Next time you have a dirty work to do, do it right and with pride using our Clean with Pride broom by your side!



Size: Handle – 4 feet | Bristle length – 7.5 inch | Wood Length – 25.5 cm
Material: Plant-Based, Handle: wood | bristle: Palmyrah Fibre
Care: Rinse with mild soapy water and hang in the sun to dry.
Packaging: We ensure that all our packaging is Eco-friendly”


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