Scrapshala Plantable Pencil Pack | Set of 10 | 4 plantable seeds | Upcycled


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This pack of 10 plantable pencils are made in India.

It comes packed in a reusable draw string cotton pouch.

This pack contains 3-4 different types of seeds that are attached on the top of the pencil.


Recycled Paper is tightly rolled around the graphite (lead) with super strength, and no trees are chopped to make these pencils.
How to grow?


Plant your pencil and watch it grow! How you may ask? These newspaper pencils have a small bulb of seeds at the bottom, once your pencil is too short to use, you can plant it into a pot or your garden bed and watch the seeds sprout into a plant.


After or before using the pencil, the seeds can be put in soil to grow! Its a great option to make kids learn importance of planting at early stage only.Apart from personal use, its a perfect option for return favors and corporate gifting.



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