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Tani Naturals Cold Pressed Sesame Oil


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Ingredients: 100 % fresh Black Sesame seeds
Extracted from locally grown raw black Sesame seeds and wood pressed using traditional methods. The pressing of the seeds is done at a low speed and no heat to retain all nutrients, the rich natural flavour, and the aroma of our raw Sesame seeds.
This versatile oil has the highest content of oil than any other variety of oil, that has a delicious nutty flavour, fresh aroma, and light golden colour.

Usage: It is best before 6 months from the date of packing.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.


How to Use
Cooking Oil: Great for sautéing and shallow frying. This oil is wonderful for salads and raw recipes.

Oil Pulling: When swished in the mouth, sesame oil can support strong teeth and gums. It has also been shown in a study to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.

Skincare: Use as a sunscreen as its zinc content helps protect skin layer by improving elasticity and reducing age spots.

Promoting Healthy Sleep: Promotes healthy sleep patterns, massage the scalp and soles of the feet with sesame oil before bedtime.

Haircare: Rich in healthy fatty acids and has antibacterial properties that make it good for topically combating dry hair and scalp.

Localized Massage: Warm massage on the abdomen can help reduce imbalanced vata in the abdomen.

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500 ml, 1 L


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