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Copper Bottle Black Finish Gift Set


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Finish Gift Set includes 750ml Antique Black Bottle with 2 Glasses

a) Product Details:

Country of Origin: India
Material: Copper (98%)
Products include: Copper bottle 750ml + 2 copper glasses + 2 copper straws(metal) packed in a nice gift box
Packaging: Recyclable box
Made in India
Our copper utensils are pure and handmade hence no two are exactly the same. (That means there may be slight bumps and bends but that’s what makes them unique!)


1. How to use your copper utensils ?

Pour water in the copper vessel and leave it overnight. When water is kept for over 8 hours in the copper vessel, it acquires anti-bacterial properties. Drink it empty stomach in the morning for best results.

2. How do you clean copper utensils?

Wipe the outside surface with soft cloth
Mix lemon and salt in warm water in a container
Put in the mug and leave for 15 minutes
Shake and rinse with clean water

3. Can I drink liquids other than water (of varying acidity, like soft drinks) from the copper vessel?

We do not recommend it. They may interact adversely with the copper.

4. Does the vessel get discoloured over time?

Pure Copper may get oxidised and become discoloured when exposed to air. This is perfectly normal. To remove, please wash properly and regularly.




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