Dvaaar Cotton Yoga Mat




Introducing the new handwoven cotton mat with lines and colours to liven your practice.

This mat is made from 100% cotton and has a rubber backing, and is made by weavers in Uttar Pradesh. This specific mat requires a particular skill to weave the lines straight. These woven lines show you where to place your hands and legs to attain the perfect pose. 

It also comes with a cotton bag and a strap for carrying the Yoga mat.

Please choose from our four colours Topaz yellow, Amethyst Green, Coral Red, and Pearl grey.


Size: Length 74 inches Breadth 26.5 inches Thickness 5 mm

Weight: 1500 gms

Material: Cotton with Rubber.

Cleaning: Hand wash

Suitable: Beginners to moderate practice.

Highlights: Made by weavers from Uttar Pradesh.

Sustainability Quotient: Biodegradable

Additional information

Weight 1500 g

Amethyst Green, Coral Red, Pearl grey, Topaz yellow


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