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Barosi Sidr Honey (500 gm)


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RAW AND UNPROCESSED: Barosi Sidr or Natural Wild Berry Honey is produced by bees from the nectar taken from Wild Berry flowers (mono-flora-Sidr flowers)

NMR TESTED: Barosi Honey is NMR Tested for Quality Assurance ensuring purity

HIGH MEDICINAL BENEFITS: Sidr Honey improves potency, Being a good source of antioxidants, honey is very effective against cough and cold, promotes digestive health and also has various beauty benefits when applied topically on the skin.


LOADED WITH NUTRIENTS: Crowned with the highest nutritional values, Barosi Sidr honey is the perfect replacement for processed sweeteners like refined sugar. It improves immunity and is a great dietary and health supplement for children, old and young people alike. It acts as a natural immunity and energy booster and also regulates metabolism

AMAZING TASTE: Being unprocessed, Barosi Sidr Honey has a delicious natural flavor. Use it for drizzling on desserts, as spreads, or have a spoon directly every day

PACKAGE CONTENT: Raw Unprocessed Sidr (Wild Berry) Honey


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