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Shuddh Natural Turmeric Chai Masala

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A time-honoured golden elixir, this exquisite masala chai with the priceless spice “Lakadong Turmeric” was created by our skilled blenders in collaboration with practitioners of traditional Indian medicine and Ayurveda.



  • Effective cold remedy: Used as a home remedy against colds in Indian households because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties of its ingredients.
  • Boosts immunity: Turmeric with ginger and other spices supports a healthy immune response and optimal circulatory function by providing active defence.
  • Anti-inflammatory: It contains curcumin which is the active anti-inflammatory component that absorbs quickly to support joint mobility, and boost energy.
  • Calms your mind: A hot cup of latte has a soothing quality and has been associated with reduced anxiety. Consuming before sleeping helps in having a sound sleep.
  • Keeps your gut healthy: Studies reveal that curcumin is good for gut health. It further helps reduce bloating, nausea and boost digestive health.
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