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Blog » Best Iced Tea Brands in India 2024

Best Iced Tea Brands in India 2024

A large glass of iced tea is the perfect refreshment when the intense heat of the Indian summer becomes unbearable. In recent years, this delectable beverage has become increasingly popular, with many companies vying to provide India with the greatest iced tea. There are many brands out there to satisfy every palette, whether you like traditional flavours or unique combinations. The best iced tea brands in India that have won over the hearts and palates of tea enthusiasts throughout the nation will be discussed in this blog post. Discover refreshing delights with the Best Iced Tea Brands in India. Quench your thirst with top-quality brews that keep you cool and satisfied.

Iced Tea Brands in India

Several companies in India provide iced tea in tea bags and mixtures that are ready to stir. Each has its flavour profile, brew strength, and nutritional makeup. While some are ideal for carrying along on the go, others would look great on the menu of a summer brunch celebration. Here’s a list of several refreshing drinks to keep ourselves energized. The brands will assist you in creating the coolest drink possible that is low in acids and caffeine and ideal for any fan of tea.

1. Lipton

Lipton is a well-known brand in the tea section. Lipton, popular for its extensive selection of teas, now provides a delightful array of iced tea varieties. Lipton offers a range of choices for all tea lovers, from their traditional Lemon Iced Tea to the unique Peach Iced Tea. Their iced teas have a refreshing and genuine taste because they are produced with real fruit flavours and natural tea extracts.

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2. Tetey

The popular business Tetley, which is famous for its excellent teas, also provides a selection of delightful iced tea choices. They provide a range of tastes, including lemon, mango, and peach, in their iced teas, which are prepared with actual tea leaves. You will be going back for more Tetley’s iced teas because of their natural, authentic taste and well-balanced sweetness.

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3. Paper Boat

Paper Boat is a brand that has won over the hearts of many individuals with its nostalgic flavours and distinctive packaging. Paper Boat sells a variety of iced teas in addition to their traditional Indian beverages, which are their speciality. Paper Boat offers a desi take on the world of iced tea with flavours like Aamras and Jamun Kala Khatta. Their tasty, refreshing iced teas are ideal for individuals seeking something new.

4. The Tea Shore

The Tea Shore sells iced tea in a variety of flavours. These are lemon, lychee, mango, and cranberry. When drunk chilled, it is a healthy substitute for aerated drinks and a great source of vitamin C that will strengthen your immune system and reduce stress. It also gives you energy. A quick and simple way to prepare a pleasant glass of iced tea is using this instant premix. All you need to do is add some ice and let the chill take over!

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5. Tencha Iced Matcha Tea

Tencha’s Matcha iced tea offers rejuvenation of your mind and soul. Each cup provides a slow caffeine hit. You will awaken from your morning lethargy and avoid your afternoon slump if you drink the Iced Matcha Cold Blend. Matcha maintains vitality and improves your mood. Matcha is the powder of green tea leaves, especially grown in Japan. It contains more antioxidants than green tea.


There are a lot of options for tea enthusiasts to pick from, especially since iced tea is becoming more and more popular in India. These five top iced tea brands in India will satisfy your taste buds. There are a variety of traditional flavours with unusual and exotic combinations. All brands provide a unique taste and experience, ranging from an extensive assortment of tastes to a unique desi twist. You can have a lovely and refreshing beverage by reaching for your favourite brand of iced tea the next time you want to beat the heat.


Of course. Iced tea is abundant in antioxidants like polyphenols, which are essential for bolstering our immune system. These antioxidants support increased immune cell function, decreased inflammation, and the body's fight against free radicals.

Ice tea is traditionally created by straining the soluble tea solids out of the tea leaves and then incorporating different flavourings, like sugar, lemon, mint, peach, and the like. Next, the tea is cooled.

Iced tea isn't intrinsically harmful, but there are many variations where it contains sugar. This can be harmful and it will be best if you don't add any artificial sweeteners.

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