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Mohan Farms Combo Of Organic Rosemary Tea And Herbal Hibiscus Flower Tea

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From subduing stress to enhancing hair and skin wellness – this organic herbal tea from Mohan Farms accomplishes it all! Rosemary is a scented, yearly herb that is allied to the mint lineage and is aboriginal to the Mediterranean provinces. This organic tea is chemical and additive-free and prepared organically without losing its natural essence.



Organic Rosemary Flower Tea (25gm) is an austere drink that smells like revivified forest and the ocean. It has a calming flavor and taste and can be integrated with fresh lemon, mint, and honey. Besides being utilized in cuisine, therapy, creating odors, and other aesthetic pursuits, rosemary has attained immense vogue among fitness freaks because of the advantages this herbal tea delivers.

Rosemary is a famous herb with a broad spectrum of advantages, extensively notable for an revamped memory. In addition, Rosemary flower tea is valuable for the wellness of your brain, as well as your entire body.

Both new and dried rosemary flowers are used for creating tea. Particularly during wintertime, rosemary is extremely warm and assists in making the blood move swiftly, fetching exuberance to the brain and body.



  • It helps to improve memory power.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Curative for cancer.
  • Helps in managing street and anxiety.
  • Assists in better digestion.
  • This herbal tea has anti-aging properties.
  • It promotes hair wellness.


Organic Rosemary tea has been employed for many centuries because of its prevalent medicinal significance. The existence of flavonoids, phytochemicals, and phenolic acids in this herbal preparation creates it to be an exceptional proliferation to your diet.


Herbal Hibiscus Flower Tea
We, at Mohan Farms, have a wide range of Herbal tea but the widely preferred option is Hibiscus flower tea because it is a flamboyant drink that is not only flavorsome but also packed with antioxidants. The herbal tea is organic and free from additives or preservatives and prepared under supervision to retain the nutritive value of the herb.

Herbal Hibiscus flower tea is an organic, caffeine-free beverage that is produced by dousing dried hibiscus calyces in the water which brings about the natural red color of the tea. The bright red hibiscus hues the water and savors it. The hibiscus plant is learned for its enormous, bright-colored flowers and it prospered in provinces with tropical temperatures. You must forever use food-quality hibiscus to be confident that they aren’t dealing with pesticides, which is why get yours from Mohan Farms.

Hibiscus flowers have a clemently sweet and a little tangy taste and bestow an attractive crimson hue to hot or cold drinks. The vibrantly stained flowers add color to teas, soft drinks, and other drinks.



Quantity: 25 g (Pack of 2)

Hibiscus flower tea is learned for its numerous fitness concessions and stunning red pigment. It is devoured all around the globe and has been conventionally utilized for ministering high blood pressure and many more diseases.

  • Helps in weight loss- Hibiscus flower triggers the AMPK compound which is seen in multiple anti-obesity medications. Once it is switched on, it facilitates the decomposition of fats resulting in weight loss naturally.
  • Relieves menstrual cramps- The anti-inflammatory attribute of hibiscus tea can alleviate menstrual cramp and discomforts. By aiding to balance hormones, it may also assist with other menstrual signs such as temper swings and petulance.
  • Boosts immunity- Hibiscus tea has antibacterial characteristics and is also wealthy in malic acid, tartaric acid, and citric acid. Therefore, it may support strengthening the immune system and combat ailments such as cold and flu.
  • Sound Sleep- Due to the calming effects of the hibiscus flower on the body, the herbal tea may help you sleep peacefully.


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