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Our 100% caffeine free tea is made with ingredients like Strawberries which are an excellent source of Vitamin C , an antioxidant necessary for immune and skin health. Guduchi(giloy) bolsters immunity, promotes vitality & supports longevity. Infact, the word “Guduchi” means something that protects the entire body.

Chamomile & licorice helps soothing the sore throat. The other ingredients like tulsi, ginger etc are proven remedies to boost immunity & fight flu symptoms.


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Brand assurance: Wholly Being teas are 100% natural whole leaf teas with zero preservatives, zero chemicals & zero added sugar. Also, our products are eco-consciously packed in either paper bags, tins or glasses as we believe in sustainability and eliminating use of any single use plastic. We believe in the well being of not just our consumers but the planet too.


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