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Mohan Farms Combo Of Organic Rosemary Tea And Organic Lemongrass Tea

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From subduing stress to enhancing hair and skin wellness – this organic herbal tea from Mohan Farms accomplishes it all! Rosemary is a scented, yearly herb that is allied to the mint lineage and is aboriginal to the Mediterranean provinces. This organic tea is chemical and additive-free and prepared organically without losing its natural essence.



Organic Rosemary Flower Tea (25gm) is an austere drink that smells like revivified forest and the ocean. It has a calming flavor and taste and can be integrated with fresh lemon, mint, and honey. Besides being utilized in cuisine, therapy, creating odors, and other aesthetic pursuits, rosemary has attained immense vogue among fitness freaks because of the advantages this herbal tea delivers.

Rosemary is a famous herb with a broad spectrum of advantages, extensively notable for an revamped memory. In addition, Rosemary flower tea is valuable for the wellness of your brain, as well as your entire body. Both new and dried rosemary flowers are used for creating tea. Particularly during wintertime, rosemary is extremely warm and assists in making the blood move swiftly, fetching exuberance to the brain and body.



  • It helps to improve memory power.
  • Aids in weight loss.
  • Curative for cancer.
  • Helps in managing street and anxiety.
  • Assists in better digestion.
  • This herbal tea has anti-aging properties.
  • It promotes hair wellness.


Organic Rosemary tea has been employed for many centuries because of its prevalent medicinal significance. The existence of flavonoids, phytochemicals, and phenolic acids in this herbal preparation creates it to be an exceptional proliferation to your diet.

Organic Lemongrass Tea
A breezy dusk, an incredible book, some crispy cookies, and a steaming hot cup of lemongrass tea – what else could one wish for? Lemongrass, also known as Citronella, is a condiment that stimulates sleep and immunity. This drink is prosperous in bioactive mixes and may encourage weight loss, supervision of blood pressure, and assist in ministering ordinary cold signs.

An exhilarating drink, lemongrass tea is also deliciously wholesome. The citrusy savors of lemongrass mix aesthetically and create a scrumptious cup of herbal tea. This perennial plant can be cultivated efficiently in your park or indoors as a potted plant. It needs nothing more than some daylight, affluent soil, and a surplus of water. The salubrious citrusy flavor is like a mnemonic of bright and joyful days.

As the term propounds, lemongrass has the aroma of lemon but it is clement and sweeter. It is often utilized in Thailand and many different Asian food items for its powerful flavor. Interestingly, there are abundant advantages of lemongrass as it has been utilized in India for multiple years for healing pursuits and is also an Ayurvedic choice.



  • Helps in Weight Loss- Lemongrass tea comprises extremely few calories. This creates one good incorporation to your weight loss diet. The tea also replenishes you, deterring you from overfilling.
  • Treats Diabetes- Lemongrass tea can reduce blood sugar levels, and this can be profitable for individuals with diabetes.
  • Improves Digestion- Lemongrass tea functions competently and wonderfully as an optional remedy for belly cramping, stomach trouble, and other digestive problems.
  • Provides Sound Sleep- This herbal tea has a calming impact, which can help in deep slumber. It can also assist in relieving sleeplessness and irritability.
  • Treats Headache- The tea inhibits the agglutination of human blood platelets, thereby dealing with headaches. Bringing in lemongrass tea as a part of your overall liquid intake can be an interesting thought.


Quantity: 25 g (Pack of 2)

The advantages of organic lemongrass tea are innumerable. This tea is laden with numerous beneficial nutrients that can facilitate overall health, you just need to get your herbal tea from an organic brand that does not support adulterating food items.


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