Natures Park Mulethi (Liquorice) Herbal Infusion – Good for a Sore Throat and Relieves Constipation Liquorice Herbal Infusion Tea Box


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When you’re feeling perturbed, this herbal tea is a comforting pat on your back to fix the discomfort. Mulethi, Licorice is one such herb our ancestors swore by owing to its benefits. The modern age is equally welcoming this age-old herb for it is expectorant and decongestant in nature that fights respiratory infections, besides controlling/preventing diabetes, regulating blood pressure.

Aggrandized with antiseptic properties, this tisane brags of relieving one of the digestive issues. This infusion is made of power compounds of licorice, tasting perceptibly sweet that shall leave a trail of warmth and tenderness on their way down your throat. Best for improving the metabolic system, our mulethi tisane must be your go-to option on days of dark and dull.

And if you enjoy singing, this has to be your best friend, my friend! This is due to mulethi’s bronchodilator and expectorant properties which relieve symptoms of asthma, sore throat and bronchitis. Let thy soul rejoice with every sip you take! Why Nature’s ParkEverything we need for a healthy living is available from nature.


Health Benefits:

  • Chock full of antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
  • Combats respiratory infections.
  • Relieves stomach discomfort and ulcers.
  • Reduces nausea, heartburn and stomach pain.
  • May treat hepatitis C.
  • Kills bacteria that may cause tooth decay.
  • Alleviates adverse symptoms of menopause.


At Nature’s Park, we believe in keeping the ingredients raw and products preservative-free to ensure optimum benefit. We want to ensure you have a holistic experience shopping for your health and wellness. Our motive is to always strive to offer you the best in the form of our products. Each teensy savour in this product has been picked up from Mother Nature keeping in mind maximum sustainable yield. We have gone to the extremes to make your affair with our products an absolute indulgence!


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