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Vedically Constipation Control Ghee


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As we speak vedically, “Charaka Samhita”, an ancient ayurvedic text, written around 800BC, says that’s ghee has the following 2 very important qualities:

1. Yogavahi: Ghee has an ability to augment the effect of any herb to it. Ghee also helps in transporting the healing & health-promoting qualities of any herb to the body.

2. Samskar Anuvartan: When ghee is processed with the herbs, it does not lose its own qualities which imbibing the attributes of the herbs added to it. Among almost all oils & fats, only ghee has this unique quality, whereas other oils & fats give up their own quality. (Except few)

Certified organic farm by NPOP india:

  • Organic feed only.
  • Straight from farm.
  • Traditional Bilona churned.
  • NABL lab report included with each pack.
  • Guaranteed honest pricing.
  • Smokey mild aroma & grainy.
  • No Preservatives.
  • No fancy gimmick.
  • Made using curd.


Constipation control Ghee is an amalgamation of some extremely useful herbs which long forgotten by people due to the hustle-bustle of the fast-paced world. These herbs are Nisoth, Kaladana, Aniseed, Sanna, and Rose Petals.

The Ghee comprising all of these offer several benefits to your health, such as offering health nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. When the Constipation Control Ghee is consumed regularly, it can even improve your memory. Some of the other health benefits of the same include the ability to prevent cancer, improve your digestive system, improve your circulation, and even helps to treat diabetes. It even reduces your stress level and fights anxiety, along with taking care of your overall stomach health.


Contains infused blend of NISHOT, KALA DANA, ANISEED, SANNA AND ROSE PETALS 5gms Per 100ml (approx.) in Grassfed Organic Ghee.

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Why Constipation Control Ghee?

  • We are certified organic with the trust of 3 government (FSSAI) certified labs with no adulteration whatsoever.
  • We proceed with the conventional Bilona method while preparing our Grassfed Cow Ghee. To carry forward the authenticity of this blissful ingredient, we go to any breed of well-fed cows and extract Ghee by churning Malai through Bilona procedure.
  • After it, the fresh butter extracted out of the Malai is heated on a mild flame while placing it on the cow dung butter to give a soothing fragrance to Ghee. We do it until the butter turns slightly grainy in order to prepare the best-textured Ghee it.
  • We offer our cows organic cattle feed, including powerful herbs like Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, so that they may help us produce the best-quality herbal Ghee.

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