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Scrapshala Neem Ayurvedic Comb set | Anti-breakage | 100 % Biodegradable


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“When it comes to hair, good nourishment and care is vital.

So we have got you covered with our Neem Wood Comb Set, known for medicinal properties of neem which helps with hair fall and treats dandruff.

The wide and narrow toothed pair of neem wooden combs by Scrapshala are handcrafted in India with 100% natural neem wood.

Plastic combs available in market are made of materials that conduct static electricity which makes our hair look frizzy and dull.

Natural wooden comb saves your hair from static damage and is far more gentle on our hair.

The tips of our wooden combs are smooth and rounded to prevent any cuts and scratches on scalp while combing.


So delve into a mindful experience with our Neem Wood Combs.


-Benefits of Neem comb


*Anti-static, prevents frizzing and breaking of hair due to static(like with plastic Combs).

* Soft on your hair and scalp

* anti-dandruff

* Lasts for years


*Includes –


1 * Small Comb – 5*2.5 inch


1 * Big Comb – 7*2 inch


*Material – Neem wood


*Care – Season/damp with oil.


This neem wood combs are designed to last for a lifetime!



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