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Organic Express Gir Ghee


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Organic Express Pure A2 Gir Ghee is made exclusively from high-quality milk extracted from grass-fed Gir cows. Our Gir cow ghee has a very rich authentic flavour, aroma and an enhanced granular texture. The indigenous cow gives around 3-4 litres of A2 milk per day, which is more nutritious and healthy than the foreign breeds. The nutritional content of the A2 Gir cow ghee is very high compared to other types of ghee available in the market.

Organic Express Farm:
Located amidst the lush green mountain ranges of Sakaleshpura Taluk, the MMCL farm is best for the Gir cows to graze in the lavish green fields. Strict cruelty-free dairy farming methods are followed to nurture the cows. Cows roam freely in the natural environment, feed upon organic fodder, breathe non-toxic fresh air and drink pure spring water. Organic Express are also against using any type of antibiotics or hormone injections.

Why do we prefer the Traditional Bilona method for making Ghee?
Organic Express use the traditional Belona method to prepare ghee from the A2 milk procured from the Gir cows. Unlike other producers, we use Bilona made of a single tamarind wood to ensure the nutrients are intact. The traditional Bilona process also eliminates bad cholesterol and improves overall gut health.



  • Consume with hot rice, pulav, dosa, idly and rotis to enhance their overall flavour and improve digestion.
  • Using Gir cow ghee for cooking makes your dishes richer, delicious and satiating.
  • Consume Gir ghee with a glass of warm milk to improve overall gut health and strength.
  • Apply basin and ghee paste and wash in lukewarm water for glowing skin.
  • The moisturising and nourishing properties of the Gir ghee make it ideal for baby massages.
  • Ghee Coffee aids in weight loss by improving digestion and by helping to cut down stored fat.


Organic Express Pure A2 Gir Ghee is a vital source of holistic nourishment. We are proud to say that our A2 Gir ghee is sourced from the native Gir cow raised on our farm. Our healthy cows feed upon the natural fodder available on the farm. We ensure that the milk is extracted only after the calf has sufficient feeding. The presence of butyric acid in A2 ghee helps in colonizing good gut bacteria. Gir ghee also improves overall immunity and digestion properties. Other astounding health benefits of using this organic ghee are improved heart health, relief from joint pains, anti-aging properties, and it has great skin glowing and hair growth properties.

Organic Express A2 Gir ghee offers exceptional nutritional and health benefits for all types of people. This type of desi cow ghee has proven to be highly beneficial for infants and pregnant women. It is also ideal for elderly people as they relieve joint pains and improve overall heart health.

Store the Gir ghee in a cool, dry, and dark place.
Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

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