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Granomaxx Oats Flour (Atta)


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  • Oats flour has so many uses in cooking.
  • It can used as sauce or gravy thickener, giving it creamier texture.
  • It can also be added to various flours to create baked food or traditional Indian food. But above all, incorporating oat flour into your regular diet can help boost your health.

Health Benefits of Oat Flour:

Maintain Healthy Weight:
Rich in fiber and protein, oat flour can help you feel full for longer. This means that you can avoid unnecessary snacking and maintain a healthy weight.

Helps lower the bad cholesterol:
Oats flour contains beta-glucans, which help lower bad cholesterol. Beta-glucan is an extremely glutinous soluble fiber, so when it travels along your small intestine, it curbs the absorption of bad cholesterol.

Beneficial for Diabetics:
As oats flour has a lower glycemic index, it is beneficial to diabetics in controlling blood glucose levels.

Oats flour is a good source of long-term energy. It can also help regulate digestion.

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Granomaxx Oats Flour (Atta) 900gms | Gluten Free, Natural and high-protein flour l Oats Atta l Rich in Fibre l Health Food |Supports Weight Loss | Control Blood Sugar | No Maida, No Wheat


Quantity: 900 G

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