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Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Food Items

Being the first meal of the day, breakfast is the most important one. It breaks the night long fasting and if you skip breakfast, your fasting gets extended which may impact your metabolism. Breakfast within two hours of waking up is recommended. A healthy breakfast helps to restore the glucose level of the body. Eventually breakfast saves our body from the risk of diabetes, improves our memory, keeps our heart healthy, boosts energy and many more. And obviously, to control a healthy body weight breakfast is a ‘must have’ meal.
Here we will provide a list of 10 breakfast ideas, which are super easy as well as healthy. Our aim is to include all the essentials like iron, protein, good fats and minerals to give a kick start for the day.


Oats are the super food as a breakfast choice. It contains fiber, plant based proteins, B- vitamins, iron, calcium and more. Plus it is a completely whole grain material. It takes a very short time to be prepared. You can make dishes like oats dosa, coconut oats, oat egg omelet, oats idli, oats uttapam, oats soup, chocolates, oats smoothie, oats khichdi and what not.

  • 100 grams of oats contains 11.1 grams of protein and 379 kcal energy with all B-vitamins and vitamin C, D, E, k.

Peanut Butter

Probably peanut butter gets best used as bread spread. From children to adults, who doesn’t like this smooth buttery sweet item? It changes the mood of our breakfast and gives a nice start for a wonderful day. It is loaded with antioxidants, protein, vitamins, and low calorie. You can use peanut butter in cookies, smoothies and have frozen peanut butter bites.
⮚ 100 grams of peanut butter provides 25 grams of protein and all vitamins.

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Muesli is a food that is prepared by mixing up oats, dry fruits, various healthy seeds and nuts of course in their raw form. Previously it was popular in Europe but now gaining attention worldwide. It is a great choice for breakfast as it contains protein, fat, carbohydrate etc. Additionally it is very tasty to eat it soaked overnight or prepared dishes like muesli banana bread, muesli bars, etc.
⮚ 100 grams of muesli contains 12 grams of protein.


Often we confuse granola with muesli but these are different food items. Granola is already cooked and sweetened, and tends to be made from oats, nuts, and dry fruits. Granola is considered as a tasty and healthy breakfast item and it contains almost the same nutritional value as in muesli. You can eat granola straight after buying or use it to garnish on yogurt or smoothie.
⮚ 100 grams of granola bears 471 calories, 10 g of protein, 20 g of total fat with 64 g of carbohydrate.

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Poha is one of the nutritious Indian breakfasts. It is very easy to cook and loaded with protein, fiber and micronutrients. If you are trying to lose poha may become your right choice for breakfast as it has low calorie, brown rice poha is more likable in this case. Some ideas to eat poha are- poha dosa, green pea poha, poha dhokla, poha cutlet etc.
⮚ 1 cup of poha is loaded with 158 calories, 35 g of carbohydrate, 3 g of protein and very low (0.2 g) of fat.


Dosa is prepared commonly from fermented rice or lentils. It may seem hectic to prepare but you can use a simple instant dosa mix to make dosa within a minute. Dosa is predominantly from south India but loved by all. It is easy to digest plus a good source of carbohydrate and protein. Dosa can be combined with various types of chutney.
⮚ Dosa is cholesterol free and low in calorie count.


Chilla is an Indian version of pancake, made up of besan, moong, millet flour or cream of wheat. It is a very popular dish in North Indian states. Like dosa, chilla can also be made by using instant chilla mix. Chilla is ideal to lose weight as it burns calories because of its low glycemic Index.
⮚ Two common chillas are moong dal and besan chilla, both are low in calories.

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Brownie is one of the perfect breakfast items for our taste buds. Even it becomes tastier when choco chips and chocolate sauce are added with it. But preparing the brownie after waking up in the morning may become tedious, so you can use an easy brownie mix to make the batter and bake quickly.
⮚ Wheat flour brownie helps in digestion and lowers blood pressure.


In India, we say ‘Dalia’ instead of the word ‘Quinoa’. It is a whole grain super food containing fiber and protein. Quinoa is pseudo grain or pseudocereal. Quinoa khichdi, quinoa mix salad, quinoa patties, quinoa pancakes are among the best recipes to be tried as breakfast.
⮚ A cup of quinoa contains 8 grams of protein.


A cookie is a small, sweet and crispy snack made with flour, sugar and various other items like vanilla, baking powder etc. Mainly it is a food of Western countries, but gaining popularity in our country too. It may give a break in your healthy usual breakfasts. Here too, instant cookie mix is ideal to avoid the hassles.
Gives nutrition and protein and boosts energy level.

Healthy Breakfast


A healthy breakfast provides essential nutrients, boosts energy levels, and supports better concentration and productivity throughout the day. It also helps regulate appetite and can aid in weight management.

Breakfast kick starts your metabolism after a night's rest, replenishes glucose levels, and provides the body with vital nutrients to function optimally.

Opt for whole grains, include lean protein, add fruits and vegetables, and minimize added sugars and processed foods for a balanced and nutritious breakfast.

Common mistakes include choosing sugary cereals, skipping breakfast altogether, and relying on processed foods that lack essential nutrients.

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