Munchies Desi Healthy Twist Gift Hamper


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Desi Taste on Hamper – Desi Twist Gift Box comes with savoury and spicy taste munchies. Freshly homemade, crispy and crunchy taste on every bit. All these snacks are baked and roasted but not fried. Besides, these snacks are made with all care and goodness to retain its health benefits.

Tastes Good – Desi Twist Gift Hamper Box comes with a unique desi taste of India with each different item. Suitable amounts of protein and carbohydrates are present in all these Indian snacks. It is best suited for all occasions – diwali, wedding, anniversary, farewell, birthday, and so on.

Healthy Perks –  Desi Twist Gift Box contain high protein, vegan or gluten -free, no preservatives added and no additional colours are added. All these munchies are freshly baked and packed in small pouches. So, you can carry it anywhere effortlessly!


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Storage – Desi Twist Gift Hamper Box has a shelf life of 120 days. But it is recommended to store it in an air-tight and dry container, away from sunlight. And keep consuming it before it loses its freshness & taste.
Quantity – Desi Twist Gift Box comes with a pack of 7 and each of the items have 860g. Each of these munchies are wrapped in craft paper pouches and


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