Gourmet Medleys Nutri Hexas Crackers Combo


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Healthier alternative to lavash/nachos.
As a cracker with or without a dip.
Can be used a base for canapes.
This is a 2 in 1 product. Two flavors in 1
Cheese basil & Chilli garlic flavors.
This is gluten free but not made in a
gluten free environment (not meant for celiacs)
Black chickpea flour & amaranth are a great source of protein & carotene
Keep in an airtight container, at room temperature.

Shelf Life 2 months

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 Gluten free but not made in a gluten free environment (not meant for celiacs)

Gourmet Medleys is a venture making nutritious, natural & baked snacks, with no added colour or essence.

We don’t use processed salt, sugar or refined flour.

All our products are the result of the creative streak of our founder, the result of her meddling with food hence the name Gourmet Medleys.

These Products don’t meddle with your health either!

Each of these products are handmade & may vary slightly in shape & size from on another but that is what makes them special.

If the product is soggy due to weather or being left out of the container(as is the nature of such products) keep in 1/2 minutes in OTG.


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