FoodCloud Baked Moong dal Twisty (Pack of 5)


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Moong Dal Twisty – Baked Moong Dal Twisty is the ideal alternative to ordinary fried moong dal. It is a healthy Indian snack with low fat and high protein. You can serve it to guests along with tea or carry it while travelling.

Best for Health-Conscious People – Baked Moong Dal Twisty contains high protein upto 18gms with no sugar. Besides, it contains 287 kcal of energy, 45.5 g of carbohydrates, and 3.4 g of fat. Moreover, these snacks are baked not fried which makes it the perfect choice for healthy enthusiasts to consume it.

Crunchy & Crispy – Baked Moong Dal Twisty has the perfect crunchy and crispy in taste which you have never tasted before. Besides, it is an easy to digest and nutritious snack. The twisties comes with a pack of 5 & each of 65 gm.

Flavour – Baked Moong Dal Twisty has the perfect taste of moong dal with red chilly, cumin, ajwain, and soybean oil to give you a savoury taste on tongue.


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Shelf Life – Baked Moong Dal Twisty has a shelf life of 120 days. Thus, you need to consume it before the expiry date. Besides, it’s freshly packed in small quantities with a sealed packet. However, you need to store it in a clean and dry air-tight container to retain its freshness & crunchy.


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