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Family Time Snacks – Hot & Spicy Gift Box Snacks is the perfect gift for your family to eat and spend time together. Besides, it is a gift for any occasion whether housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, farewell, and so on. Besides, it is the best gift for all foodaholic people who love to taste spicy food.

Relish the Taste of Health – Hot & Spicy Hamper Gift Snacks from follows the best practise and ingredients to provide health benefits to its customers. Thus, these munchies contain an adequate amount of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and calories in it.

Spicy Taste Buds – Hot & Spicy Gift Box Snacks taste savoury with Achari Baked Mathi, Roasted Protein Mix, Fiery Potato Chips, Masala Peanuts, Masala Makhana. And you get a tangy yet spicy taste with Chilli Garlic Paste which you can use as a dipping sauce or ingredient while cooking Southeast Asian dishes.

Healthy Perks – Hot & Spicy Hamper Gift Snacks is a 100% vegetarian product with no preservatives added on it. It is gluten free and vegan. And it’s purely homemade baked & roasted but not fried! Thus, you get a crunchy and crispy taste on every bite & tangy taste while dipping in the sauce.


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Pack with Care – Hot & Spicy Gift Box Snacks comes in small vacuum tight packages and sealed bottles. Besides, these munchies have a shelf life of 3-6 months, so try to use it accordingly before it loses its crunchy and tangy ness.

Quantity – Munchies Hot & Spicy Hamper Gift Snacks comes in packs of 6 and weighs 1 kg.


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