FoodCloud Caramel Popcorn (Pack of 3)


Seller : Foodcloud

Relish the taste of home popped popcorn with homemade sugar syrup. We make sure that you savor the goodness of popcorn at it’s the very best.

Our caramel popcorn, it is not just homemade, it is also preservative free and gluten free. You can relish snacking completely guilt free. Top it over ice-cream, or enjoy it plain, the taste will never disappoint you.

Our caramel popcorn is 100% natural and super crunchy. It has zero trans-fat as compared to other flavored popcorns available in the market, thus making it favorite of all.

Each pack has a total quantity of 240 grams (80 grams in each box).The popcorn can be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. .



Corn, Sugar, Butter, Caramel, Edible Vegetable Oils & Salt

The popcorn is delivered to you in airtight boxes. With a shelf life of 120 days, we like our customers to enjoy the taste of freshness, every time.


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