Goosebumps Chunda Pickle


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Truly deserving of a permanent place on the breakfast table, the Goosebumps Chunda Pickle can be wiped off with parathas as well as pancakes. Many are plainly addicted to this burst of sugary sweetness complemented by tangy, mildly spiced shreds of raw mango. The stringy consistency of mangoes, fine-soaked in the goodness of sugar, salt, and cumin is delightfully wholesome!

Net Weight: 250 g 

Mango, Cumin seeds, Chilli powder, Turmeric, Sugar, Salt

A burst of sugary sweetness complements the tangy, mildly spicy shreds of raw mango.

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Free from additives, artificial preservatives, synthetic fillers or binders. No chemicals.

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This product is best before 1 year from the date of packaging.

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Weight 250 g


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