FoodCloud Roasted Protein Mix (Pack of 2)


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Roasted Protein Mix is a great healthy and tasty option for everyday snacking needs and on-the-go eating with all the ingredients being roasted and not fried making it a perfect low-calorie energizer.

The protein mix is crafted with 100% vegetarian ingredients and is freshly prepared, preservative-free, and made at home with love.

High protein snack with 20 grams of protein in each packet with high fiber and low calories and it is perfect to replace high calorie and fried bhel mixtures. The mix provides the required amount of energy, nutrition and freshness, to keep you active and energetic all day.

Enjoy the protein mix raw to please the unwanted hunger cravings, or add it to shakes and smoothies to make them crunchy and nutty with this delicious combination of nuts and seeds.


Jwar, Malai Jor, Wheat Flakes, Chana, Soya Bean, Moong Jor, Refined Soya Bean Oil, Salt, Spices

The protein mix has a total quantity of 400 grams (200 grams in each packet) with a shelf life of 180 days. To enjoy the taste at its best, store the protein mixture in a hot and dry place.



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