FoodCloud Baked Nut Cracker (Pack of 4)


Seller : Foodcloud

Baked, Not Fried: India’s favourite chakna, the nut cracker is now baked, not fried. Perfect for Serving to Guests: Serve the nut cracker to guests with drinks

It’s Healthy: The baked nut cracker is baked without oil and is gluten free

No Preservatives: All munchies are freshly prepared, preservative free & made at home in small batches; 100% Vegetarian: Our munchies are made with love & are vegetarian

Package Content: 4 x 90 gm of munchies-nut cracker-healthy snacks; Quantity: 360 gm (each 90 gm); Shelf life: 120 days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian



Peanuts, Corn Starch, Besan, Nut Cracker Masala (Mix of 28 Spices)


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