FoodCloud Baked Ajwain Mathi (Pack of 3)


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Ajwain Mathi – Ajwain Mathi is a healthy baked snack & munchies which is a perfect substitute for traditional snacks. It contains less fat and salt than the ordinary mathi. Thus, it contains no trans-fat.

Ideal for Health Enthusiasts – Baked ajwain mathi or mathri consist of 70% less fat and 30% less salt. However, it contains 439 kcal calories, 70 g carbohydrate, and 14g fat. Thus, Ajwain Mathi is the perfect choice for health-conscious people.

Guilty- Free Mathi –  Ajwain Mathi is packed in a small pack which makes it easy to carry while travelling, watching movies, or party. Besides, it is fresh and crispy, you can have it with any homemade pickles of your choice.

Quantity – Baked ajwain mathi comes with packs of 3 – 165gm each. You need to keep it in a cool & dry place. And store it in a dry and clean air-tight container to maintain its crispiness.

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Delicious & Tasty – Baked ajwain mathi is flavoured with ajwain, making it tasty and crispy while having it on your tea time. It doesn’t contain maida or any chemicals which makes it authentic & homemade taste.

No cholesterol , 100% vegan, amazingly crisp, a rich source of energy.


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