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Two Brothers Sattu And Jaggery Laddoo, No Sugar 250 g

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Protein rich snack

Sattu is a nutrient which is a superfood and filled with nutrients

No refined ingredients

High in iron

Made with A2 ghee

Easily digestible

A healthy food for people of all age groups

Provides instant energy

Roasted bengal gram flour, almonds,TBOF jaggery,TBOF cultured ghee



Made with Sattu, an ancient superfood. Sweetened with jaggery. Contains traditionally roasted almonds.


Bliss balls (laddu) made with native roasted bengal gram and jaggery

Specific storage info

Store in an airtight container in a cool ,dark place.


Contains no flour or other binders.This product contains no additives,preservatives or artificial flavourings. It is 100% natural.


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