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Kasturi Haldi Powder

Kasthuri Manjal is a natural powerhouse of antioxidants, helping to fight off free radical damage which can cause premature ageing of the skin and body. Not only is a small pinch of Kasthuri turmeric powder mixed in hot water an effective treatment for cough, but it can also be applied externally as a powerful mosquito repellent. The volatile oil extracted from Kasthuri turmeric can also help reduce mosquito bites.

In addition, when taken internally, Kasthuri turmeric extract can inhibit the growth of tumor and cancer cells, just like normal turmeric. Not only that, but Kasthuri turmeric rhizomes and leaves offer a range of medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce inflammation quickly and effectively when applied to the affected area.

Kasturi Haldi Powder Benefit:
Remedies Cough
Prevents Cancer
Treats Wounds
Natural Mosquito Repellent
Treats Skin Tan

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