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Goosebumps Masala Guava

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Can you guess, which country is the highest producer of Guavas in the world? I-N-D-I-A. And we truly apologise to include it so late in our spread. Though the origin of Guavas is uncertain, a quick search online points at southern Mexico – hundreds of miles away from India. How did they reach here? Munch a few chunks and you might get the answer.

Net Weight: 150 g 

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Go-Guava-Gone! Munching on half-ripe guavas straight from the trees is something we have all done. Taking this adventure to the next level, Goosebumps Masala Guava packs in pieces of crisp ripe guavas in a hot chili mix. Just nibble, and feel the flavor of guavas linger.

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Weight 150 g


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