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The organically grown and processed turmeric powder is made by a farmers collective from a traditional variety of turmeric in the hilly areas of Dharmapuri. Bright , orangish yellow in colour it has curcumin content of 3% and good taste and aroma. At Bio Basics, we appreciate not only turmeric’s amazing healing properties but also the effort that goes into growing and processing this wonderful spice without contamination. The conventional turmeric is loaded with fungicide and is exposed to an array of chemicals to prevent rotting. Our wonderful organic farmers struggle against odds to grow this golden crop without chemicals, boil it and powder it. Make your own inexpensive Golden latte (Haldi Milk) with clean ingredients. Just heat up a teaspoon of our turmeric powder with your choice of milk, jaggery powder or raw cane sugar and spices (we recommend pepper, cinnamon and ginger).This conjunction with spices and the fat in the milk, is the best way to get the most out of the Curcumin in turmeric. Shop the best organic turmeric powder in India at Bio Basics.

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