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Shuddh Natural Lakadong Turmeric


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High curcumin content Lakadong turmeric ranges from 9% to 12 %.

We source this golden spice from the mountains of a remote town in Meghalaya, where curcumin content ranges from 9 to 12%, which is extraordinarily high. Gourmets adore this item for its exquisite flavour and powerful fragrance. The Meghalayan village of Lakadong is where the name Lakadong turmeric powder originates. It is well known for its therapeutic benefits and can treat a variety of illnesses, including arthritis. Haldi, or turmeric powder, is a wonder spice and superfood having both culinary and therapeutic use. Our Lakadong turmeric powder is natural, iron-pounded, and not oil-extracted. Due to its abundance in antioxidants and antibacterial qualities, it is frequently regarded as the star element in beauty treatments.

Handpicked Turmeric is manually washed multiple times and sliced and sundried and then made into powder in small batches

Our turmeric powder is 100% free from pesticides, chemicals, fertilizers, additives, artificial colours, or any preservatives. Its Non-GMO and Gluten free

Responsibly cultivated, harvested and produced by following traditional techniques and 100% organic

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  •  High Curcumin 9-12%
  •  Single Origin Certified Organic Haldi Powder
  •  From Jaintia Hill of Meghalaya



The world’s finest form of turmeric comes from a little, unremarkable village in Meghalaya that is the birthplace of a silent revolution. It is freshly ground and comes from the slopes of the west Jaintia Hills.
Produced utilising conventional and sustainable agricultural techniques devoid of pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals as part of the Meghalayan government’s Mission Lakadong initiative.
The turmeric from Lakadong, which is recognised as the greatest in the world, contains the most curcumin, triple the amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds compared to other kitchen haldis!
Ground and hygienically packaged with little to no human contact are perfect turmeric roots that have been sun-dried and meticulously hand-picked.

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