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Vedically Garlic Herbal Ghee


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Garlic specializes in managing one’s appetite while boosting the energy level of one’s body and bloodstream. It even contains numerous antioxidants that can help fight cancer and several other diseases and can even slow down the aging process. Garlic’s health benefits have long been known, and garlic Ghee assists in controlling cholesterol and triglycerides, preventing heart disease, and lowering one’s blood pressure.

Consuming garlic Ghee on a regular basis reduces the risk of developing diabetes, helps in fat-burning, and helps in blood circulation and hypertension. It contributes to maintaining a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit. `Added to that, it even tastes really great.

Packed in food-grade glass jars, shipped in an insulated cardboard box.


Cow Milk fat + Infused Garlic extract (2.5 Gms/100ML approx.)


Usage & Taste:
Usage: Regular usage as any normal ghee in curries/veggies/ or chapattis.

Taste: Very mild taste of garlic which doesn’t overlap any curry/dish.

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Q1. How can I use ghee?

Answer: There can be multiple uses of ghee such as:

  • To roast or sauté veggies.
  • To stir into rice, soup, lentils, oatmeals or mashed potatoes.
  • To combine with garlic, herbs & salt which cooking.
  • To bloom spices before adding them to your food.
  • To toast cumin & sauté mushrooms on high heat with ghee & salt.
  • To apply on chapatti/roti for regular use.


Q2. What is the shelf life of my ghee?

Answer: The shelf life of an unopened packaged ghee jar according to the lab reports and FSSAI norms is 1 year without any refrigeration. The shelf life of an opened jar is 3 months without refrigeration and 12 months in the fridge.

We don’t use any kind of preservatives in any of our products & we advise it to be consumed within 1 year even though the ghee can be used for several years.


Q3. Is the texture of my ghee normal?

Answer: Ghee is mostly used for cooking fat, or on top of a few warm/hot foods & drinks. So, whatever texture your ghee is into, it would eventually melt into clear golden liquid in a few seconds when its heated.

There is no guarantee about the texture of ghee from our ghee because its mostly dependent on the outside temperature & its perfectly normal whether its grainy, gritty, or in a smooth texture.


Q4. Jars to tight to open, Is it okay?

Answer: Sometimes due to the changes in outside weather conditions during the transit, the lids of our ghee jars could be tight to open. This happens due to the ring loosens with heat and contracts with cold.

To easily open your ghee jar, simply heat the rim of the lid under hot water on a gas stove or put it under the running hot water. After a few seconds, use a towel or napkin in your hands to open the jar smoothly to protect your hands from heat.


Q5. What is herbal/ spiced ghee?

Answer: As we speak vedically, “Charaka Samhita”, an ancient ayurvedic text, written around 800BC, says that’s ghee has the following 2 very important qualities:

Yogavahi: Ghee has an ability to augment the effect of any herb to it. Ghee also helps in transporting the healing & health-promoting qualities of any herb to the body.

Samskar Anuvartan: When ghee is processed with the herbs, it does not lose its own qualities which imbibing the attributes of the herbs added to it. Among almost all oils & fats, only ghee has this unique quality, whereas other oils & fats give up their own quality. (Except few)

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