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Natures Park Pachan Shruti Digestive Herb – Health and Wellness Infusion – Tea Blend 100g


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The contemporary lifestyle and urban food habits are really taking a toll on people’s health. Dependency on junk food and indiscipline meal timings have adversely affected our digestive system causing constipation, abdominal pain, gastritis, weight gain, cramps, etc. Are you one of the victims of such issues?

Then this is for you. Your search for an everyday infusion ends here! Pachan Shruti improves the digestive system’s functionality and overall appetite. It is made of the super-concentrated formula using ingredients like senna, fennel, bishop’s weed, mint, ginger, fenugreek, rose petals, green tea and cumin seeds that improve the digestive system.

Remember, all the major diseases arise out of indigestion. And so we have curated this nutrient-rich infusion to eradicate the stress on the digestive system. The purpose is to detoxify the body, purify the blood and enhance the immune system.


Weight: 100g 

Nature’s Park Pachan Shruti is a blend of digestive herbs designed to support digestive health and function. Health and Wellness Infusion Tea.


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