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Natures Park Green Tea Turmeric Green Tea (500 g) Pouch


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Our Turmeric Green Tea is a very special creation by our in-house connoisseurs that envelopes what we call the ‘The Healing Brew’ and its essence in the most exotic manner. The most common ingredient found in any Indian kitchenette and a major part of Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine for centuries, turmeric has been known for its medicinal properties.

It was initially used to fix skin disorders, digestive system, joints and upper respiratory tract. Besides, it is hailed for addressing issues like allergies, digestive disorders, depression, liver disease and respiratory infections.

Green tea when combined with the superpower of turmeric, the benefits increase 10 times over. Here’s our best in terms of a healthy beverage- Turmeric Green Tea; a bracing go-to concoction at any time of the day. With this creation, we bring forth a natural sanitiser for the human immune system that not just uplifts your metabolism but also heals and rebuilds your immune system from scratch.

Given our chasmic understanding of the urban lifestyle, we say, if this drink cannot boost your immune, nothing else can. A wholesome cup of the turmeric green tea can aid digestion, calm your sense and catalyse healing from within.


A wholesome cup of turmeric green tea can aid digestion, calm your sense,s and catalyse healing from within.


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