Shuddh Natural Tea Infuser


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A handcrafted loose leaf tea Infuser from India. This vintage tea strainer has a royal appearance, is crafted of fine brass, and is golden in colour. This strainer, which can fit in any cup, is a useful and practical way to steep loose tea. An affordable, everyday luxury!



Reusable, convenient and practical medium for steeping loose leaf teas as it is designed to allow the tea to fully expand & give you full flavor of medium to large loose leaf teas.



Tea strainer (5cms diameter) made of high grade rust-resistant brass with a brass holder to rest the strainer after use



Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended, simply let the tea strainer cool, then use warm water to rinse.



Add loose tea to the tea strainer and simply rest the strainer in your tea cup or mug, and pour boiling hot water over the tea. The strainer quickly unlocks the flavors of large, medium or fine tea leaf without leaching debris into your cup. The tea leaves in the infuser can be easily reused by repeating the same process. Suitable for 1-2 cups of tea.


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