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Best Kombucha Brands in India 2024

Kombucha is a type of sweet fermented tea, generally brewed with black or green tea. It contains vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals linked to health benefits. Discover the top Kombucha brands in India for a refreshing and healthy experience. Explore the best brews for a vibrant lifestyle.

It comes from Northeast China and dates back to approximately 220 B.C. Dr. Kombu, a Korean doctor, is credited with bringing the fermented tea to Japan to treat Emperor Inkyo. Ultimately, trade route expansions in the early 20th century brought tea to Europe. It was most famously found in Russia (as Kombucha) and Germany (as Kombucha Schwamm). Before spreading across the country, the kombucha craze in India seems to have started in Goa. The sales in the domestic beverage industry have increased significantly in the past few years. You can try the following Kombucha brands:

Kombucha Brands in India

A strong fermented tea variety, kombucha is a digestive-friendly health beverage. Even though kombucha has been consumed for a very long time, Indians are only now starting to become aware of it. It is a non-alcoholic beverage that has numerous health benefits since it is packed with vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients. India has seen the emergence of numerous domestic brands that produce kombucha and sell it in the country. Kombucha sales are also picking up steam and are starting to have an impact on the Indian beverage market.

1. Toyo Kombucha

For those who do not want to sacrifice flavour for better health, Toyo Kombucha is the ideal option. It has no preservatives and is made entirely of natural components. With probiotics to aid in digestion, antioxidants to fortify the immune system, and enzymes and B vitamins to increase energy, it has it all.

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2. Bombucha

This brand is the one that introduced Kombucha in a way that can provide an incredible 17 varieties of the drink. Even though it has a variety of unusual flavours, such as kanji, matcha gogi, elderflower, and more. What makes their brew even more distinctive is that they only use green or black tea and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that is imported from the US. According to the brand, their kombucha is very low on sugar and is infused with organic fruits and herbs.

3. Mountain Bee

Mountain Bee began its business of organic kombucha in several Bengaluru marketplaces. As per the brand, the kombucha is blended with premium teas, botanicals, herbs, and spices that enhance its flavour and functionality. They currently have connections with more than thirty establishments that use their own, homegrown beer, Mountain Bee. For individuals who are enthusiastic about learning how to brew kombucha at home, they also host workshops.

4. Abha’s Probiotic

Abha’s Probiotic Kombucha is a useful beverage that is prepared with fermenting tea, water, and sugar. Because it contains probiotics, antioxidants, B vitamins, enzymes, glucosamine, and organic acids, it helps to protect the digestive system and boost immunity. It supports the body’s natural detoxification process, enhances gut health, fends off free radical damage, protects cartilage, and stops the deterioration of joints.

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5. HappyBooch

In 2016, Shailaja Sharma launched the HappyBooch kombucha brand. This Mumbai-based company makes small batches of kombucha in a variety of flavours using only organic, hand-selected, loose-leaf teas, fresh herbs, fruits, barks, and botanicals. You can try their kombucha in various combinations such as apple spice, mango happiness, ginger-cinnamon, rose-lavender, basil-lime, and more.


Due to its many health benefits, kombucha has become very popular among certain individuals. Though it carries some health benefits, overconsumption of kombucha tea might have negative effects such as upset stomach and spike in sugar and calories levels. In addition, it is unpasteurized and has trace levels of alcohol and caffeine. This means that certain people should avoid it, such as those who have compromised immune systems, those who are sensitive to caffeine, and women who are pregnant or nursing. To safely enjoy the health benefits of kombucha, limitation is the key.


It is safe to drink four ounces of kombucha one to three times a day, according to health experts. Headache, nausea, gastrointestinal distress, and ketoacidosis can result from overconsumption.

The properties of the Kombucha drink are akin to those of vinegar. According to Ayurveda, it is quite acidic and raises pitta.

There are lots of kombucha brands in the market that don't use artificial sweeteners or preservatives and instead use organic, non-GMO ingredients. Bombucha,Abha’s Probiotic, Toyo Kombucha, and HappyBooch are a few of the best kombucha brands.

Sip kombucha whenever you are in the mood. You can take it on an empty stomach and before or after the meals. If you have a high level of caffeine sensitivity, try to avoid it after the evening.

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