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Native Pods Cold Press Coconut Oil -Natural, Pure & Wood Pressed


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What Is Wood Pressed Oil?
Native Pods Wood pressed oils are extracted using a wood pestle that presses the seeds and crushes them for extracting the oil. The key thing to understand about the process of wood pressing is that it makes use of a wooden pestle and wooden collector to press and collect the oil. All this is done at a low temperature to keep the temperature of the entire process below 40 degrees. The wood pestle absorbs any increase in temperature and does not generate heat through friction.

Benefits of Using Wood Pressed Oil:

  • Contains low cholesterol levels as wood pressed oils are manufactured under low heat and contains no chemical at all.
  • Helps to prevent the risk of Heart Disease and eliminate other health problems.
  • Improves blood circulation and helps to provide healthy skin and prevent it from wrinkles and premature ageing.
  • Loaded with antioxidants, strengthens the jaws and prevents bleeding gums.
  • Improves hair growth and restores the damaged ones


Native Pods coconut oil has zero trans fat and is high in MCTs and Lauric Acid(more than 50%). Native Pods cold-pressed coconut oil can be used for internal consumption & external application which results in multipurpose coconut oil. Our coconut oil may be used for varied functions like preparation, dietary, in your beauty regime, skin and hair care regime, mom and baby care, cleaning, shaving, makeup remover, body moisturizer, pet care, and a lot.

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