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Good Graze Coconut Flour 175gm

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Vegan • No added preservatives • Low GI • Gluten free

Premium coconut flour is made from dried and crushed coconut meat.
It’s a unique alternative to grain flours. It is suitable for persons who follow a low-carb lifestyle or have a gluten intolerance, and it has a naturally mild and sweet taste. Great for people following a low-carb lifestyle or with gluten intolerance. Free from wheat & other grains, ideal for keto & paleo diets. Our coconut flour is organically farmed, unrefined, and sustainably sourced.

Ingredient List – Dried Ground Coconuts
Weight – 175g
Shelf Life – 6 Months


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Uses –

  • Ideal for cooking both sweet and savory dishes and baking
  • Use it in place of cornflour as a thickening agent in soups and curries
  • Use it to coat your food before frying

Packaging Type – Food grade PET jar


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