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Cannaking Hemp Massage oil


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Looking for a natural solution to enhance your massage sessions to ease muscle pain and feel more relaxed?

  • Look no further! Enriched with Hemp extract and Hemp seed oil, known for their Pain- relieving & anti-inflammatory properties, this Hemp Massage Oil is designed to ease cramps and relax tired muscles.
  • Made from 100% pure, natural botanical extracts, it quickly relieves backaches and muscle strains, strengthens bones, and tones muscles.
  • With therapeutic benefits that go beyond the surface, consider using this oil as a part of your regular massage regimen or before or after workouts to enhance your massage experience.
  • It’s perfect for relaxation and recovery, whether for regular use or targeted relief, making it an essential part of your self-care.



  • Strengthens the bone tissues, tones and firms the muscles.
  • Relieve stress, aches, chronic pain & discomfort.
  • Promotes mobility of knees, elbows and joints.
  • Relieves back & muscle pain
  • Releases tension & Induces a profound sense of relaxation
  • Relieves stiff, sore, tired, and fatigued muscles.
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Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil (99%)

How to use-

  • Take a considerable amount of this soothing and relaxing Hemp massage oil on your palm and gently massage it all over the body (head, neck, joints, muscles etc) with hands or massager.
  • Can also be used pre & post-shower on painful areas or areas that need gentle care and extra relaxation.
  • Additionally, using it on tired muscles after a long day or post workout can help with profound relaxation and a restful sleep.

Important Information-

  • This product can be used as body massage oil for any gender and age.

Safety Instructions-

  • This is a Topical OTC product, please do a patch test to ensure no irritation to the skin.
  • Not for oral consumption.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Expiry Date

  • 12 months


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50ml, 100ml



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